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When you think Red, White & Blue -- Don't Forget the Green!

 Local Races

To win, the candidate must work smart and plan for the best return on invested time and money.

Candidates are elected by a small, unique set of voters. As a result, knowing how to identify and target these likely voters is critical to a campaign’s success. We can help you outwork and overachieve your opponent while saving you time and money.

Reach voters with direct mail, printing and web services. Our team can assist you with your political campaign and help you meet deadlines.

Your mailing list is the most important ingredient to winning, and it is available from your county Supervisor of Elections office.

Request a complete digital list of all voters in your district. The list should include all data and voter history kept and managed by the Supervisors Office.

The voter list should include but not be limited to: complete voter history, voter’s names, addresses, gender, date of birth, party affiliation and registration date.

Our exclusive software program allows you to customize your mailings based on budget, new registered voters, age, gender and party affiliation voting history in national, state or local election.

Now you can target and budget households and voters that are most likely to vote on Election Day.

State & National Races

Attention political consultants and advertising agencies:

If you represent candidates for state or national office or political issues on the ballot, we can help you with the printing from conception to completion.

The big difference with Evergreen is PRICE & SERVICE.

Take advantage of our 20 plus years of experience! We have the knowledge, trained personnel, and services to get the job done.

We can work with you on campaign material design as well as printing and mailing your materials.


If you have you piece already printed, ship it to us and we’ll mail it for you!